The Memon – Mission Rohingya (February Edition)

by World Memon Organisationon February 11, 2018
Dr. Taheera Hassim is a well established, young and successful obstetrician/ gynaecologist practicing in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a very active member of the Memon Community, involved with numerous charities, serving innumerable worthy causes across the globe. Taheera is the Regional Secretary General of the World Memon Organisation (Africa Chapter) and has recently visited […]

The Memon ID – “Every Memon is Unique!”

by World Memon Organisationon January 16, 2018
Memons are the latest entrants to join communities from across the globe that empower themselves with community cards. At the recently concluded AGM of the World Memon Organisation (WMO) in Ras Al Khaimah, representatives from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America decided that all community members should be issued unique […]

WMO Ashiyaana Housing Projects

by World Memon Organisationon January 16, 2018
31st December 2017 marked the foundation stone laying ceremony of WMO Ashiyaana in Akola, a housing project which will be home to 24 marginalised families of the Indian Memon Community. Akola is a town situated in the state of Maharashtra in Central India with a sizeable Memon population. The ceremony was attended by prominent members […]

Job Fair

by World Memon Organisationon January 15, 2018
World Memon Organization North India Chapter (WMO NIC) collaborated with Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) to organise a Mega WMO-AMP Job Fair in Mumbai and launched the Job Portal – On the 4th of January, 2018 the job fair was inaugurated by Mr. Suliman Noor Mahomed (Solly Noor) – President of WMO at the […]

WMO Memon Convention

by World Memon Organisationon December 31, 2017
Under the able leadership of Mr. H. E. Abdul Azeez (VP – WMO South India Chapter) and Mr. Adil Azeez (Regional Secretary General – South India Chapter), the WMO Memon Convention was organised in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, in association with the Hyderabad Halai Memon Jamat on Thursday,  28th December 2017. An elaborate presentation […]

Global Youth Wing Appointments: 4th December 2017

by World Memon Organisationon December 4, 2017
In the Name of Allah SWT The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful Dear Fellow Memon’s – Assalaamu-Alaykum All praise and gratitude are for Allah SWT our Creator, Sustainer and Guider. Since our last AGM in Ras Al Khaimah on 7th October 2017 I have had both the pleasure and daunting task of devising and implementing […]

The Memon – the Legacy Projects (November Edition)

by World Memon Organisationon November 27, 2017
The goal isn’t to live forever, it is to create something that will. It is on this firm belief that we have envisioned and announced the World Memon Organisation Legacy Projects at the recently concluded 15th WMO AGM in Ras Al Khaimah. What we do for us, dies with us. What we do for others […]

Project Aman

by World Memon Organisationon November 6, 2017
World Memon Organisation stands firm, shoulder to shoulder with the Rohingya community during these uncertain times. After assessing the grim situation at the Refugee camps along the Bangladesh – Myanmar border, WMO Far East Chapter team has collaborated with a couple of humanitarians from UK to make a tangible difference on the ground; to alleviate […]

The Camps of Balukhali

by World Memon Organisationon November 2, 2017
By Shahid Sangani The smoke still billows above a burning village in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, across the border. I sit in the Refugee Camp of Balukhali, a small Bangladeshi town on the Myanmar border and witness hell on both sides. The fires of the netherworld and the shades of purgatory, paint a grim canvas for “the […]

The Confluence

by World Memon Organisationon October 31, 2017
WMO India Chapter under the leadership of it’s VP, Mr. Ehsan Gadawala organised a matrimonial event on a scale and grandeur that was yet unheard of. On the 29th of October, a record 1500 Memons gathered at the grounds in the suburbs of Mumbai to participate in the grand event. Haji Amin Gadawala Foundation Trust […]

The Gift of Sight

by World Memon Organisationon October 30, 2017
I lay by the poolside, overlooking the sea in the serene surroundings of Ras Al Khaimah. My mind absorbed the sights and sounds as the sun set over the horizon. I was mesmerized by the changing hues of the sky –  from a cerulean blue to fuchsia to tangerine orange. As streaks of crimson red […]

WMO – Global Youth Wing Applications

by World Memon Organisationon October 30, 2017
  Dear Fellow Memon’s Assalaamu Alaykum I attach the relevant segments of the WMO Constitution and Standing Orders relating to Global Youth Wing as adopted at the recent AGM held in Ras Al Khaimah on Saturday 7th October 2017. Kindly read and go through these important changes. You will note that the newly adopted structure […]

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