Recruitment Drive : Global Youth Wing – Europe Chapter

by World Memon Organisationon October 14, 2019
Assalaamu Alaykum Following up on our highly successful WMO Global Youth Wing [“GYW”] Launch event held in London on Sunday 6th October 2019, we are pleased to announce the commencement of the recruitment drive for One Regional Youth Vice Chairman & 10 Regional Youth Executives in the Europe Chapter. This is an exciting time for […]

Majid Ranani’s word is his bond

by World Memon Organisationon October 14, 2019
In 2017, when Mr. Solly Noor (WMO President) envisioned and announced the Legacy projects, Mr. Ranani had pledged to construct two housing colonies in India to provide homes to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Mr. Majid Ranani has been one of the stalwarts of WMO. A businessman of note, this patron member of the […]

From the Desk of the President

by World Memon Organisationon September 28, 2019
"The goal isn't to live forever, it is to create something that will." It is on this firm belief that we have envisioned and announced the WMO Legacy Projects at the 15th WMO AGM in Ras Al Khaimah. After completing several housing projects which provided a roof over the heads of our less fortunate brothers […]

The Memon – 2019 AGM Edition

by World Memon Organisationon July 21, 2019
The Prophet (PBUH) said, The best charity is that given in Ramadhan. (At-Tirmithi). Ramadan is a month of fasting and giving. The rewards for generosity are multiplied manifold in this holiest of months. We take this opportunity to thank our donors and benefactors for contributing towards the many admirable, humanitarian campaigns undertaken by the World […]

WMO South India Chapter launched the E – Booklet – “Zakat Simplified”

by World Memon Organisationon May 27, 2019
On the 19th of May, WMO South India Chapter launched the E - Booklet - "Zakat Simplified" by prominent Muslim scholar CA Abdul Rahim at the Master Class Zakat event organized by their Youth Wing in Frazer Town. We share this treasure trove of information on one of the most important pillars of Islam with […]

WMO Middle East Chapter Celebrates Memon Day

by World Memon Organisationon May 1, 2019
The members of WMO Middle East Chapter possess many appealing traits. They are generosity personified, the most gracious hosts and the deep bond of friendship that they share with one another epitomises the true meaning of brotherhood. The Memon Day celebrations held at the opulent setting of the Dusit Thani in downtown Dubai were testament […]

The Memon – Ramadan Appeal 2019

by World Memon Organisationon April 26, 2019
Read now Dear Brothers and Sisters Assalam Alaikum and Ramadan Kareem I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our compassionate brothers and sisters for their magnanimous generosity and steadfast support towards the World Memon Organisation over the past two decades. Helping those in need is one of the key aspects of this […]

A Charity Mela

by World Memon Organisationon April 2, 2019
"The generosity of the Memon Community is legendary. So is their spirit." The Charity Mela hosted by the ladies wing of WMO North India Chapter was testament to the magnanimity and benevolence of the Memon tribe. The purpose of the event was to provide sustenance to our less fortunate brothers and sisters during the upcoming […]

A Mela in Sri Lanka

by World Memon Organisationon March 24, 2019
"Life is like a carnival (Mela). The cotton candy are all the sweet things in your life"....goes the adage. The WMO Far East Chapter Ladies Wing certainly brought the carnival to the city and everyone was invited to join in on the festivities of the most fun-filled event on the Colombo Memon calendar. The Mela […]

Applications Invited – Regional Youth Executive Middle East Chapter

by World Memon Organisationon March 1, 2019
OUR YOUTHOUR FUTURE..!! Message from theGlobal Youth Wing Chairman Working within the WMO for the sake of Allah SWT is a huge privilege and blessing and a wonderfully satisfying way to work for the community to bring about real change. It is immensely satisfying to drive oneself for the benefit of others and also develop […]

Applications Invited – Global Youth Wing Secretary

by World Memon Organisationon February 12, 2019
Mission Statement: To promote and recognise the importance of young Memon’s in particular by developing the WMO Global Youth Wing with a view to preserving and protecting their sense of the value of their Memon identity and encouraging their desire to become more deeply involved in furthering the objects of the WMO in order to […]

Middle East Chapter Appointment – Regional Youth Vice Chairman

by World Memon Organisationon February 12, 2019
Junaid’s Vision for the WMO GYW Unity and discipline is the most important pillar of any community organisation. The WMO is an ideal platform for Global Memon’s to connect and provide opportunities to channelize expertise capabilities and finances for the betterment of our people. I have a vision that a day must come when every […]

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