Youth Wing


As Nights follows the Day, the natural order the universe dictates the Young will inherit the Earth from the Old. The question therefore is not if the Youth will assume the leadership from the Old Guard, but once having assumed the leadership role, how well will the youth performance in the leadership role – Will it maintain the High Standard of Stewardship after the baton changes or will it be a disappointing new order of things?This is true in all human affairs and there is a huge responsibility caste on the current leadership in any organization/community to ensure the new generation is ready and willing to take this responsibility. Hence Succession Planning is assuming an increasing importance in all spheres of human activities as is evident in Political, Commercial and Social Organizations around the globe.

The Senior Leadership of the WMO having recognized the importance of Role of the Youth in the Development of WMO and ensure the future prosperity of the organization/community has initiated encouraged the formation of the International Youth Wing of the WMO to get greater participation of the Community Youth into the WMO Family

The International Youth Wing (IYW) of the WMO was formed during the “International Youth Conference – IYC’13” held in Colombo Sri Lanka in Feb 2013. IYC 2 was held in in Jo’burg South Africa in November 2014 followed by IYC3 in Colombo, Sri Lanka where International youth wing structure was redesigned.

Mr. Yunus Suleiman has taken charge of the International Youth Wing which encompasses of five international youth projects which will be lead by 5 project chairs. The committee is as follows:

  • Mr. Yunus Suleman  :: Chairman International Youth Wing
  • Mr. Shahid Sanghani :: Youth Advisor
  • Raeesa Gutta (Africa) :: Lead of “Memoni Language and Culture”
  • Dania Hanif (Pakistan) :: Lead of “International Youth Education Project (IYEP)”
  • Sana Shakoor (India) :: Lead of “Women Empowerment”
  • Salmaan Hussain (Middle East) :: Lead of “International Sports Project”
  • Osman Razzak (India) :: Lead of B2B